6 Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter

First, we gave you 6 Reasons Your Company Needs Social Media, then 6 Reasons Your Business Needs Email Marketing and now we’re talking 6 reasons your business needs Twitter.

We’ve heard it all here at Ronzio Digital… “Twitter is too hard to keep up with.” “I don’t understand how it will help us.” “That’s the one platform we don’t think we need.” Well we are here to tell you that every company should have a presence on Twitter.

6 Great Reasons Your Business Needs Twitter

1. Customer Service: If you haven’t done it yourself already, you have heard of it… someone tweeting at a brand with an issue about their product/service and getting an instantaneous response. From major airlines to retail conglomerates to e-commence sites, they all use Twitter as a way to quickly access their customers and solve any problems, or receive praise, instantly.

2. Easy Search: Not sure where your future customers may be? Twitter has one of the top search applications amongst all social media platforms. Type in any phrase you think your future customer base may be chatting about and quickly engage with them.

3. Quick and to the Point: With only 140 characters or less to get out your message Twitter is the ideal platform to grab those with a shorter attention span. Let your Twitterverse know about your sale before anyone else, or perhaps give a discount for them exclusively or even do a flash sale!

4. Breaking News: Now that no one can breathe without their phone attached to their hand, Twitter has been the main platform for users to get their breaking news. Whether it’s a matter of national security or they are wanting to be the first to know about a sale for one of their favorite brands, Twitter has been curating news for a majority of social media users for years.

5. Tracking Trends: Hashtags are your SEO for Twitter. Use hashtags to track trends, engage in conversation or easily be found. Create your own specifically for your brand, but also make sure to research what trends are happening on Twitter in your industry.

6. Keep an Eye on Competitors and Influencers: With Twitter’s handy,dandy lists you can create a list to keep an eye on your competitors moves. Also, if you have a list of bloggers you feel fits your brand this is great way to easily track them as well as engage in their daily conversations.

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