6 Reasons Your Company Needs Social Media

2016 is here! We have surpassed the date that Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future 2, which means…we are in the future! So, if you haven’t caught up with the times and made social media pages for your company, you should do it now!

In the 1990’s to the early 2000’s it was always said that “if you don’t have a website on the internet your business might as well not exist.” That statement couldn’t be more true now, HOWEVER now there is even more you need. Your business needs social media! Social media is now used as customer service for businesses, search engines, review guides and more! Without a social media presence your business might as well not exist.

#1 – SEO Rankings


Okay, you finally got a website for your business but did you know that in some cases your social media page will actually get better SEO (Seach Engine Optimization) rankings than your own website? Depending on your business, Facebook, Twitter & Yelp profiles have been known to get higher rankings than a businesses website!

#2 – Customer Service


For years customers have complained about automated machines when calling a company. Well, now there is a way around that. Customers have began to use social media as a quick and easy way to contact a company. Especially on Twitter where some companies have created profiles just for customer service. Certain platforms allow your customers to get quick answers from any company!

#3 – Social Listening


One of the best attributes of social media is that you can use it to listen to your customers! People spend all day on social media talking about what they like and don’t like about everything. You can use this to learn what your customers think of your business and what you can do to fix it. Social listening can help you fix something that may be wrong with your company that you didn’t even know about!

#4 – Brand Control


With social media you can control your brand’s conversation. If people are talking about a product or service of yours you can get involve in the conversation to make sure the information is correct. You can also post about the products or services that you want to and have complete control over anything involving your company!

#5 – Information Search


Many people use social media to search for things now, especially on Facebook. But, not only can they search for you through social media but they can also get all of their information there. Facebook allows businesses to showcase everything from their hours of operations to directions and from their mission to contact information. Facebook is giving users more and more reasons not to leave the website, so why wouldn’t you want to be on it?!

#6 – Services!


Our favorite reason to have social media is that there are some great companies out there who will manage your platforms for you! Some of those companies have some really attractive owners too (hint hint!)! Running a company is not easy and it takes up a lot of time. Running social media can take up tons of time when run correctly and managing a company and your social media pages can be hard! Luckily there are some great companies out there who can help run it for you!