9 Things Your Viewers Want Your Website to Have

There are so many things that are important for your website to have, but we have found that these 9 things are on the top of our list every time. If you don’t have any these, you may be upsetting your viewers and not getting as much traffic as you deserve!

We posted a similar article over a year ago called Website Must Haves and we thought it was time to update it. Why did we feel the need to update it? Well, everyday the trends on the internet are changing and it’s important to stay with the times!

Here are the top 9 things we think your website needs to have:

Fully-Responsive Website

Now it’s 2016, you may be thinking “Duh! We know this, Ronzio!”. However, you would be surprised how many websites we come across every day that aren’t fully-responsive. Back in April of 2015, Google announced that websites that are not mobile-friendly will not do as well in their search algorithm. It’s been over a year. They warned you!

In case you didn’t know, a fully-responsive website means that it is easily viewed on all devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. A fully-responsive website allows your readers to view all of your website on any device they choose. The number of people using their mobile phones to access the internet is always on the rise, so it’s a great idea to make sure your website is fully-responsive!

Easy-to-Use Navigation

This should be another obvious one. Your main navigation menu should be the go-to spot for almost all of your websites pages. If you want your viewers to be able to easily find what they are looking for, then you need to make it easy to find! There is a fun way to test if your website is easy to navigate. Give your website to someone who has never been on it and ask them to find a certain page. If they can’t do it in less than 10 seconds, then you have a problem!

The last thing you want is for your website to be hard to navigate, because otherwise your viewers will never find what they are looking for and will leave to visit another site. No one wants that!

Page Speed & Performance

Google doesn’t release what their SEO algorithms are looking for, but it is well-known that page speed is one of them. But, let’s say you have a fool proof way of driving traffic to your website and SEO doesn’t matter to you. Page speed is still a BIG DEAL! A slow moving website can really hurt your SEO rankings as well as frustrate your everyday viewers.

Thanks to smart phones, the average human attention span is only 8 seconds! Most viewers will get annoyed by a slow-loading website and move on to find their information elsewhere. If your website doesn’t load fast enough, you may be losing viewers!


Being able to track how your website is doing is one of the most important things you should have in place. If your website is performing poorly and you don’t have analytics set up, you would never know about it and it could be hurting your viewership and your business!

There are tons of website analytics software out there, the biggest one being Google Analytics. Setting it up doesn’t take long and it can teach you what needs to be fixed on your website,  as well as what viewers are doing on your website. Having a website without analytics software in place is like kissing someone goodnight while blindfolded. You might be kissing the right person, but you don’t know!


As we mentioned earlier, the human attention span has fallen dramatically in the past few years and fixing your page speed definitely helps. Another thing you can do is add images to break up the amount of text you’re using.

For example, here is a picture of a Shark-Seagull, or as we call it, a Sharkgull.


Why did we show you this picture? Because we’re only half-way through this article and we don’t want you to get bored!

About Us Page

This one may seem pretty basic, but think about it; when someone visits your website, it is because they are intrigued by what you have to offer. After they have wandered around your site looking at everything, they may start to wonder, “Wow, who made this website?” Give your viewers a place to learn about you or your company by creating an “About Us” page. Be proud of yourself and your website! Show off who you are!

Looking for “About Us” page ideas? Check out ours!

Contact Us Page

The amount of times we have come across websites without a “Contact Us” page is actually impressive. Your viewers have spent time on your website and love what you have to offer, so now they want to reach out to you to hear more, or possibly do business with you. Make sure it’s easy for them to contact you!

If they took all that time to read through your website and then can’t figure out how to contact you, you may have some VERY angry viewers.

Great Content

It’s 2016 and everyone is talking about content. Content, content, content. Content is king. That’s all you hear anymore. But why is everyone talking about content all of the time?
Content is the main thing your website must be good at. Don’t waste anyone’s time by having a misleading page title and a page that doesn’t answer any questions. Your content needs to be intriguing, informational, and above all, engaging. People are coming to your website for content, so make sure it’s looking it’s best!

Social Media Buttons

Last, but not least, websites need social media buttons. We’re a digital marketing company. Did you think we weren’t going to talk a little bit about social media?!
If your viewers like what they see on your website, they are going to want to be updated as often as possible and probably want to see what else you have to offer. Always make sure you have easily accessible social media buttons on your website. We often suggest putting them on the top and bottom of your website so your viewers don’t miss out. Plus, by doing this, if they start to follow you on social media, you can get them to come back to your website in the future!

There are tons of things we believe all websites should have, however, these are just our top 9. Did we miss something you think is important? Comment below and let us know!

If you’re looking for website design help, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll tell you all we know, or we’ll just build a website for you!