Best Time to Email Your Newsletter

So you’ve created an awesome email marketing campaign and you can’t wait to send it to all of your contacts. You have some amazing news and you want everyone to know about it, you’re so excited you’re shaking. Well, before you click that send button take a second and consider your timing.

Day of the Week

You may not like to hear it, but most of the world always gets a “case of the Mondays”. Sending an email on Monday is typically seen as a very bad idea. While people are dragging their feet into work they are clearing most emails that don’t have to do with what needs to get done which means your email is now property of the recycling bin. So, logic may tell you since everyone hates Monday’s lets send it on the day everyone loves, Fridays! Wrong. Work is over and everyone is thinking about going home or what they’re doing over the weekend, chances are your email is going to sit in their inbox all weekend or they have too much on their mind and it’s getting deleted. Weekends are just as bad, people are enjoying the short break they have or they are out running errands, the last thing they want to worry about is your email.

So what’s the best day? Statistics show Thursday is the best day to send an email although Tuesday and Wednesday are right behind it. So if you want people to read your email newsletter Thursdays are your best bet but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are good too!

Time of Day

We won’t beat around the bush with this one. 2pm is the best time to send emails. Although anytime between 1-3pm works well. 9-11am is recommended as well but the afternoon has the most effect and highest open email ratings.

Now, before you either scream “Thanks, Ronzio!” or send us emails explaining why we’re wrong, consider the following. These recommendations are consider the general best times. You need to know your demographic. If you’re sending out a newsletter for insomniacs or people who are nocturnal there is a good chance those times are WAY off.

Nothing helps a successful email marketing campaign like knowing your demographic. Research who you are reaching out to so your emails get the most views possible, but if all else fails we suggest anytime Tuesday through Thursday and between 1-3pm or 9-11am. Happy emailing!