Does Your Business Need a Blog? (Part 1)

Does your business NEED a blog? No. But don’t click away just yet. Need is the operative word in that first sentence.

A blog is a place to give your brand a personal voice separate from your social media. A blog is written in a ‘spoken voice’ and meant as the opportunity to not only share more about you/your brand but also more about your customers/clients.

Are your customers tagging you via social media wearing/holding/using your items? Share that on the blog! Everyone loves being internet famous, even if it is on a brand’s blog. Want more content? Reach out to those customers and ask them for more images and a quote about how they love their items.

Now lets back up for a minute and think through your commitment to a blog. A blog cannot be something you use every other week one or twice. There needs to be commitment. At minimum you need to be posting once a week. If this is something you, or your staff, cannot commit to I would highly suggest waiting on starting a blog until you can. Everyone hates when you click on that blog button and the last post was months ago.

Now when do you post and how do you promote. Well you are just going to have to wait for part two…

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