Does Your Business Need a Blog? (Part 2)

Do you remember where we left off? If not head over to part 1 of “Does Your Business Need a Blog?” before reading this post.

We are now going to tackle when to post and how to promote. Since you have decided you do want a blog then the next step is to hit publish on your first post. But when do you post? Morning? Night? Monday? Friday?

This all depends on your readership/customer base. Put yourself in their shoes. Are they getting up early in the morning with a cup of coffee and reading blogs? Are they scrolling on their phones before they go to bed? This is all important when choosing the timing of your post. The universal rule is to publish you post in the middle of the week where internet usage is high (ie. Tuesday – Thursday). Timing is something you will learn as you post more. Try posting at different times in the day and keep an eye on your analytics to see which posts are getting the most page views.

Now it is time to promote that post. Make sure you are cross-promoting it on all of your social media channels. Don’t just put: “Hey, we have a new blog post!” Make sure to tease them a bit: i.e. “Does your business need a blog? Find your answer over on our blog: (link)!”

Also, don’t be afraid to promote old posts. Most people will have missed your earlier ones.

Well, that is your basics for building a blog for your business. Now go hit publish!

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