The Importance of Email Templates

When you receive a poorly constructed newsletter do you think of that business/organization a little different? Perhaps they didn’t put effort into the layout, or maybe email is not their primary form of communication? Either way it puts a bad taste in your mouth. That is why we are here to say it’s all about that base, ’bout that base …your template.

Whether you are a small boutique or a large business, your template is the difference between professional and unprofessional or your email being read and sent to the trash. Below are some tips to keep your template well constructed to make each email shine…

email templates

Keep it clean. Don’t go for wacky colors, curly fonts or a busy layout. The cleaner/simpler the more your content will shine.

Logo. Make sure your logo is prominently at the top of your template. You don’t want to write a beautiful email and then have your subscriber trying to remember who it is from.

Consistency. Use your template as a way to keep your emails consistent. Aim to have each section be a constant and just rotate your content for each individual email. For example, “what’s new” “new in” or “current openings”. This will make it easier for your subscribers to know what is coming each and every time they open your emails.

Social Media. You know we could not go an entire blog post without mentioning social media. Make sure your social media buttons are prominent and easily accessible.

Branding. Make sure your coloring and language is on brand.