Gain More Twitter Followers: The Real Way

We have come to the conclusion that if we had a dollar for every article that states or claims to help you “gain more Twitter followers” Ronzio Digital would not exist. Why? Because every single one of us would be able to retire.
It seems everyday a new article or software programs comes out to help you gain more Twitter followers. Granted, this article is stating the same thing. The only difference? We’re going to show you how to get real followers. No robots. No “follow for follow” accounts. None of that. We’re going to share our secret.

A couple months ago we posted an article about “Our Top Twitter Software“. Since then a few things have changed because some software programs have shut down or we found better options. However, most still work well. So how are we using these to gain new followers?
We have finally decided to show you how we do it:

  • 1. Un-follow everyone who does not follow you back. How do you do this? Our favorite website for this is Tweepi. With this software you can sign into your account and un-follow everyone who doesn’t follow you with a quick way to click through them without compromising Twitter’s API rules.
  • 2. Go to your competitor’s Twitter accounts. (E-commerce website? Go to a similar e-commerce website. Restaurant? Go to another restaurant in your area.) Then go to your competitor’s followers and start to follow them. This will send a notification to these users that someone new has started following them. They’re curiosity will spike and they will check out your Twitter account. (If you’re content is good they will follow you back.)

NOTE: We typically skip any account that has the “egg” as a profile picture. This on average means that either it is a robot/fake account or it is someone who doesn’t use Twitter a lot. DO NOT FOLLOW MORE THAN 950 PEOPLE A DAY! Twitter will block your account and then you may get kicked off Twitter. You don’t want that.

“Ronzio Digital, is that all I have to do?!”
“No. Be patient. We’re almost done here.”

  • 3. Keeping these new followers is where it gets tricky. A lot of businesses don’t have time to run their social media accounts. (Shameless plug: Click here to see how we can do it for you!) You have a couple of options here. Use a scheduling software to schedule tweets so when you have time to focus on social media you can set it up to run for you. We enjoy using Hootsuite, it’s simple and easy to use for most social media beginners. Depending on your industry (for some industries, typically B2B, we don’t suggest this) we also suggest setting up auto “Thank You” tweets. For this we suggest using Zapier, it’s simple and you can set it up to automatically tweet to new followers. We find the best way to keep them even more intrigued by your account is to set up a “Thank You” tweet that has engaging text and uses a GIF (you can find some on that is similar to your industry. For example, if you run a restaurant that specializes in burgers, have an auto “Thank You” tweet set up that says “@Username, Thank you for following! We hope you like burgers as much as we do!” Then attach a gif of a cat eating a burger, or something funny like that. 😉
  • 4. Here at Ronzio Digital we repeat this process 1-2 times a week. Keep in mind not everyone checks their Twitter everyday, we suggest following as many followers as Twitter will let you then wait 3-4 days for them to read the notification before you go and repeat step 1.

There you have it. It may not be rocket science but we have seen amazing growth in followers and engagement on our client’s Twitter accounts and you can too!

Do you have questions? Have you tried this technique before? Comment below and tell us all about it!