Importance of Alt Tags for SEO

So, by now everyone knows Google changed their algorithm basically forcing you to have a mobile friendly website. If you didn’t know that see our previous article about it here. In our eyes, that’s not a bad thing. If you didn’t have one by now, chances are you were falling behind anyway. However, just having a mobile-friendly website won’t get you amazing organic views, SEO is an art form and one of the most important pieces of that art form that often gets overlooked…ALT TAGS.

Why Alt Tags?

Search engines often struggle to understand images, text is easy to read, but an algorithm can’t really decipher what a pictures is. This is where alt tags come in. When using alt tags you must master saying a lot in very little words. A picture may be worth a thousand words but search engines don’t care, just be quick and to the point. We usually suggest not going over 8 words, maximum. Pretend a search engine is your blind friend and they’re in a rush to leave. Tell them exactly what the picture is as quick as you can, that can be your alt tag.
Also, think about if you were to show your friend a similar but different picture with the same idea. Giving them the exact same answer would make them think it’s just the same picture! NEVER duplicate alt tags, always change your wording.

Where Are My Alt Tags?

If you have WordPress it is very easy, simply open your “Media” tab and click on every picture you have, then you’ll see right next to the picture the option to create an alt tag. Now, if you use any HTML practices it can be slightly more complicated. After your image source add alt=”add tag here”. (Ex. <img src=”RonzioDigitalCrew.jpg” alt=”Ronzio Digital Employees”/>)

Do I Really Need Alt Tags?

Yes. Yes you do.
SEO is not something where you can master one aspect of it and skip out on the rest. Alt tags are just one thing required to have a website that receives tons of organic views. If you have good aspects of your SEO all around you’ll start to see a very big difference.