Restaurants & Bars Digital Marketing

Why do restaurants & bars need digital marketing?

  • More than 29% of social media consumers are on a social networking site while they are eating or drinking
  • 47% of people 18-32 years old say they tweet while they eat
  • 40% of consumers learn about restaurants & bars via websites, social media, or blogs
  • 72% of food photography is of a main meal, rather than snacks.
  • 25% of people photograph their food on a routine basis for a food blog or diary
  • 46% of people spend more time reading about food online than through print
  • 67% of U.S. consumers search for restaurant information on mobile devices
  • 70% of smart phone users look up restaurant menus
  • 1/4 of consumers say restaurants & bars with technology options are important factors

What digital marketing strategies should I have for my business?

Here at Ronzio Digital, we offer many different digital marketing services, however, we don’t suggest all of them for restaurants & bars. Below are the services we do recommend:


We always suggest starting here before anything else.

Website Design
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

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Main Course

Once you’ve knocked out your appetizers, it’s time for the main course.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you feel like spoiling yourself and going all out, then you’ll love dessert.

Tastemaker Networking
Graphic Design
Digital Advertising


I’m running a business, how am I supposed to find time to do all of this?

This is the #1 question we get asked all of the time. If you’re running a restaurant or a bar, when are you supposed to find the time to build a website, post on social media, take pictures of your products, create an email marketing campaign, reach out to influencers, run advertisements, create menus & flyers, AND optimize your SEO?!

Luckily, we’re here to handle that for you. Not only can we implement all of these things for you, but we’ll manage every aspect of it along the way.

Website Design: We can create a creative and fully-responsive website for you. You then have the option for us to manage it for you and update it whenever you would like, or we can even provide you with written instructions on how you can update it yourself whenever you would like.

Social Media Marketing: Our team of professionals will create a strategy to help you build your online presence through social media to help grow your brand and bring in new customers. We’ll will create all of the content and post at the ideal times to optimize your reach. Not only that, but our team will watch your platforms 24/7 in case someone has a question, comment, or concern.

Email Marketing: Let us create an email marketing strategy for you that fits your establishment. Whether it’s a monthly newsletter, automatic birthday special emails, new menu roll-out announcements, and everything in between. We’ll even optimize your subscriber list so you know everyone’s name and where they are from to help learn about your demographic.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): Our SEO team can help you bring traffic to your website quickly and efficiently. Allow customers to find you online as easy as possible to help your business grow past your goals. We’ll monitor your website and make any necessary changes to make sure we’re bringing you as much organic traffic as possible.

Photography: Our professional photographers will come to your restaurant or bar quarterly, monthly, or more if you would like, to take pictures of your establishment and products. The images will all be edited to showcase your business as best as possible and can be used for websites, social media, advertisements, and more!

Tastemaker Networking: We have an extensive list of food, drink, and lifestyle tastemakers that would be happy to come try your restaurant or bar and write about their experience. The awareness you get from people like this is invaluable and can help drive business for you immediately.

Graphic Design: No need to worry about new menus, flyers, or advertisements any longer. Our graphic design team will create the perfect showcase for your business and we won’t stop until we get it exactly the way you like it.

Digital Advertising: Our digital advertising team is some of the best in the business. Whether you want to advertise on search engines or social media, we can help bring you customers you couldn’t reach before. Our digital advertising professionals are experts at targeting the perfect customer for you to get you the highest return on your investment possible.

Is that all?

Of course not! Amongst all of these great digital marketing services we offer, there is so much more we do to ensure you’re happy with our work.

Personalized Email

We will create you your own personalized email with us (example: Why do we do this? It is much easier for you and your employees to contact us when everyone knows the email address. Also, should a customer have a complaint on social media or your customer review websites, we will direct them to this email address to handle the situation as best we can so you don’t have to!


We provide you with access to our analysis software so you can see exactly how all of your digital marketing is doing! This includes your website, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising! You can see everything from how many people you have reached, how many people follow your pages, the demographics of people who follow your pages, email open and click rates, and so much more!


This is one of the services we offer that we pride ourselves in the most. When you partner with us, you become our family. You are given your account managers cell phone for emergencies and we’ll visit you as often as necessary. We answer your emails as fast as possible, usually in less than an hour. The hospitality industry is all about service and so are we.

 When you work with us we treat you like you’re part of our big Italian family!

Do you like what you see? Excited to get started?