It’s All About Timing

Timing is everything. Each platform has its own rules, but the easiest way to think about it is when are YOU on those specific social channels. When you are commuting to work are you scrolling through Facebook? When you are at home relaxing with a glass of wine are you pinning on Pinterest inspiration for your living room revamp? When you are searching for a new job during your lunch break are you on LinkedIn?

The images above are a great way to give you a visual understanding of the windows that are best to post on specific social platforms.

LinkedIn: This is the platform with the oldest users. They are there to share that they have job openings in their current company, share a business specific article or a place to be used as a digital resume.

Facebook: This is the second oldest platform. There are grandparents on Facebook. So make sure your message is broad enough for all age ranges. The timing for posting on Facebook is rather small. Think about when you are drinking your coffee and that commute time of 5-6pm.

Twitter: This typically comes as a shock as most people but has one of the smallest windows to post. 1-3pm. Twitter is used much more transactionally. Only there to quickly share information. This is why the lunch times best. Most people are mid day and looking to catch up.

Pinterest: Most people don’t think there is such thing as a peak time for Pinterest, but there is. Evenings. This is the time most people are winding down in their day. So make sure to post what you are looking to get attention that day multiple times.

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