Keep Your Food Posts Hot & Ready

Head over to Instagram and count how many pictures have food in it. It’s no secret that people love to take and look at food pictures. Whether it’s posting pictures of food or liking pictures of food that make your mouth water, people are in love with food. As a company who works with many restaurants, we post pictures of food all of the time and it is important to know the best times to do so. While each platform has a unique range of times to post (see post: It’s All About Timing) different types of content also have rules for timing. In this post we focus on the restaurant industry.

First, one of the most important aspects of your picture, make sure it is a high quality as possible! No one is caving a blurry burger for dinner! Many smart phones have high quality cameras on them but sometimes they don’t do the trick without some serious editing. If it’s possible, invest in an HD camera and make your food look as good as it tastes!

When it comes to timing of your posts, mornings (approx. 7-8am) work well no matter what type of food it is. Why? While people are getting ready for work or on their morning commute they are viewing social media. Catch them in the morning and get them craving your food for lunch! Of course evenings (approx. 4-5pm) are when many social media users scroll through their feed. This is due to work commute times and heading home after a long day. After work many users are hungry and looking for something to satisfy their appetite (if they’re like us they probably don’t feel like cooking!). This is where your food pictures come in. Posting your mouth watering pictures in the evenings will help to gain likes and comments because that is what is on people’s mind, but most importantly it will get them craving your food for dinner and may encourage a swift decision to have what you’re serving!

Written by: Abby Weingarten (Account Manager)