Our Top Software for Twitter

There are probably hundreds of software programs you can use to help your digital marketing on Twitter, but we’d like to believe we use the best ones. Granted, this is our opinion we feel pretty strongly about it.
Here is a list of our favorite software Twitter programs that we use and what we use them for that we highly suggest you check out!

  • Hootsuite
    Ah Hootsuite, one of the favorite products digital marketers use. Yes it is utilized for many social media accounts but today we’re focusing on Twitter. With this software you can do many things that are very useful on Twitter. You an schedule tweets and view them in a timeline format or even a calendar format to assure your content is being sent out when you want it to. It doesn’t end there! Instead of constantly going from their website back to Twitter you can even have it show you your mentions, inbox, timeline, new followers, your tweets and more! To keep your Twitter organized we always suggest Hootsuite.
  • Tweet Adder
    Tweet Adder is a program we love to use from time-to-time, especially on our newer clients. With this program you can unfollow people, follow people, set automated direct messages and more. We use this program to help build organic followers for our clients. This program helps with that beginning lull when you’re just starting and have no followers.
  • Zapier.com
    Ever since Twitter did some tweaking to their algorithms and have allowed GIFs they have helped organic views skyrocket. We utilize Zapier for many reasons but mostly to send automated “Thank you” tweets for following us. With this software program we can add photos, links, GIFs or anything and have it automatically send to all of our clients new followers.
  • TweetDeleter.com
    Since we use Zapier to automatically send “Thank you” tweets to our clients new followers we don’t want their timelines to get cluttered especially when they have very important content going out. So after a day or so we use this website to delete those tweets. It gives the new followers plenty of time to view the tweet and help with traffic over to our profile and then we can clean it up so our clients timelines aren’t filled with “Thank you’s”!

At Ronzio Digital we help our clients make everything out of all of their social media accounts with our social media management services. There is new programs coming out to help you run your social media accounts, but until something better comes out we highly recommend looking into these companies!