Tastemaker Networking

What is a tastemaker networking? Tastemakers are influential people in your industry who are experienced and heavily involved in reviewing that industry. Typically these fall into the heavily viewed blog categories such as food bloggers, fashion bloggers, etc.

Though you may not know this, there is many blogs for almost every industry! These people have the potential to make or break your brand with the power of their fan base. Tastemakers could use their following to skyrocket your business or to burn it to the ground. It’s always smart to be on their good side. Tastemaker networking is something Ronzio Digital prides itself in. In all regions that we have clients in one of the first things we do is get in touch with all tastemakers in the area to utilize their followings to help out clients build their audience.

Ronzio Digital keeps a large database of bloggers, tastemakers and reviewers in your area that are involved in your industry. We keep a close relationship with them and bring them to your business to see how amazing you are! Their viewers/readers will hear about their visit and experience which will undoubtedly bring you more business.

“But Ronzio, how does this all work?” We’ll tell you! We take our massive database of bloggers & publications and ask them to review and/or post about your business. We then take their post and share it on your social media so you are essentially cross-promoting each other. This builds inbound links to your website which will help with SEO and it will also bring you new fans!

Ronzio Digital will network with all of these influential people and bring them to you to help build your brand and word of mouth about your business!

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