Stop Talking & Start Social Listening

There is a good chance people are talking about your brand and you don’t even know it. Why not jump in on the conversation and make sure the facts are correct? Why not thank them for being interested in your brand?

Everyday we see brands posting things on social media or their website but don’t take the time to actually talk with their customers. Responding to comments, posts and messages is just a small amount of how you could be talking with your customers.

Twitter/Instagram Listening

Twitter & Instagram makes social listening very easy! Besides the obvious mentions, go to the search bar and type in your companies name, misspellings of your company’s name, hashtags or any keyword that may help you get into a conversation with someone who is interested in what your business does.

ALWAYS respond. Talk to people when they are talking about you. It shows you care and it keeps your engagement up as other people get involved in the conversation.

Facebook Listening

Facebook will give you a notification if someone is talking to you or your company but if they don’t tag you or post it directly to you, then you may not see it. Well, you can now search through posts, be sure to use the search option to search for your companies name, misspellings of your company’s name, hashtags, keywords and anything else you can think of to try and find every conversation possible.

Google Alerts

Do you know what Google Alerts are? Google allows you to set up an alert where it will contact you as often as you want and give you an update if anyone has posted about your company from all over the internet. This is a fantastic tool and if utilized correctly can really help you listen and converse with your customers.

social listenUse these tips and tricks and you will be amazed at how quickly you will see your social media and your brand build an online presence. If you need help with social media management, let us know! 😉