The Art of Instagram

We’re sure the second you read the title of this post you thought about the visual aspect of Instagram. Although you are correct, there is so much more. With Instagram still at the top of the list of every major brand’s digital strategy you are going to start to realize that it’s not all about just posting a picture.


Instagram is your place to give your followers/customers a peek into your day. Think about sharing behind the scenes of shipments you are getting in, cocktails you are experimenting with putting on the menu, etc. This is not just a place to advertise your events or announce specials, use Instagram as an opportunity to build a voice/personality for your brand. Also, we highly suggest quality/professional images. You still want to keep your overall look professional but also with a playful/personal feeling.


Like we mentioned in our last post, social listening needs to be a major player in your digital strategy. Replying to your followers and liking posts is an important step in building a following (read more detail about this here). Another step is to follow your active followers and similar accounts to yours (think of this as market research). This will also help increase your following.


Instagram has now made advertising more accessible to the mid-sized companies. If your budget allows it, studies have shown that their advertising has been very effective.


If you have decided to commit to Instagram you need to do just that. Pick a minimum number of times you will post a week and stick to it. There is no point in a user following an account that is stale.

A lot to juggle, right? We can help with that.