The Facebook Beacon is Here!

Last month we were introduced to the Facebook Bluetooth Beacon, if you missed it then you may want to look it up because brick and mortar store are going to want this! Many stores were lucky enough to receive a free one from Facebook (isn’t that nice of them?). Curious what it does? Do you want to know how to get one? We’ve got your answers right here!

What is the Facebook Beacon?

In simple words, it is a way to make sure your current customers “Like” your page on Facebook, thus keeping them as customers. The beacon essentially shows your businesses information and encourages your customers to check in all without having to visit your page. As soon as a user opens up their Facebook App on their mobile phone the beacon activates and alerts their phone to check-in and read more about the business they are visiting. Think of it as an immediate notification as soon as they step in the door, all the customer needs to do is open up Facebook. These notifications will take you directly to Facebook’s “Place Tips“.

How Do I Get a Facebook Beacon?

If you were lucky enough to receive a notification from Facebook and filled out their information than you will have it as soon as Facebook ships them. However, if you weren’t lucky enough to get the notification you may be able to request one here, but Facebook is limiting them still as they run tests on it in certain markets.

When I Get My Facebook Beacon, What Should I Do?

Use it. From what we have been lucky enough to see, it will severely help many brick and mortar businesses, which is fantastic since it seems Facebook advertising is becoming more and more expensive and reaching less and less people. We suggest finding a way to encourage your customers to check-in to your business to spread word of mouth. Use discounts or other incentives to get customers to check-in every time. It is possible that Facebook may be attempting to bury Foursquare with this and if it succeeds you’ll want to be one of the first businesses to master it!