Three Tips for a Successful Blog

The blog is the place on your site to set a personal tone with those who are visiting and curious about your brand. Use this as a place not to sell your product/services but  to give your readers more of an understanding of your brand. Are you more of a light-hearted brand? Are you all business? Are you a bit goofy?

Just like your email marketing, you need to be aware of your demographic (we suggest using Google Analytics). If you are looking to target millennials be familiar with what trends are catching their eye and play on that. For example, lets say you are selling funny t-shirts and you have researched that the Kardashians are trending. Find one of your t-shirts that can fit into that story line and have fun with it!

A blog is not a place to be formal. Write like you are speaking to a friend.

Second, consistency. Do not start a blog if you can not maintain one. No one will religiously follow a blog if you are not consistently churning out content. When you start your blog set a goal of how often you will publish. We recommend at least once a week. Also, set a date these posts will go live. We highly recommend Tuesday or Wednesday. The more consistent you stay, the more you will see your page views grow!

Thirdly, promote promote promote. No one will know you have a blog with fantastic content if you don’t promote it. Make sure to share it across all of your social platforms.