Your Social Voice

Are you posting the same content on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn? Do you type in one sentence in your Hootsuite and hit send to all platforms? Well, you are going to need to stop doing that. And here is why…

Put yourself in your¬†consumer/follower’s shoes. What is the point of you following your business on all platforms if you are getting the EXACT same copy? There is no incentive. You can cross promote your social platforms all you want, but if they go to Facebook and see exactly what was just on Instagram we can promise you they are not hitting that “Like” button.

Now let’s break down the platforms and what type of voice each should have:

Twitter: Think of Twitter as a networking party. People are passing around business cards and it is short and sweet. Do the same with your Twitter.

Facebook: Think of your Facebook as a house party. You have a connection to almost everyone in the room and you have more time to chat. Use this as a guide for your Facebook. Introduce people to your friends (AKA. Share from other pages). Show off your baby (AKA add multiple pictures to a post). And lastly, take your time (AKA. Write more than Twitter).

LinkedIn: This is your boardroom. Be more formal and target your content to an older, more conservative follower.

Instagram: This is your dinner party. People you are more familiar with are in your home. You are giving them a tour of your home (AKA. Show them behind the scenes). You are more casual (AKA. Write like you speak). And you are overall more comfortable (AKA. Lots of visuals).

All in all, your social voice should be different on each platform. We are not saying stray from your brand, but to give it layers with each platform. Don’t bore your followers/consumers with the same thing, spice it up and give them a reason to follow you everywhere.